Friday, January 10, 2014

This Girl...

Lily, at 2 1/2, is pretty sure she's the matriarch of our family. She is in charge of directing most activities that go on around here.

Lately she's started calling us "sweetheart" when she wants us to do something.  Like, "Sweetheart, come here, sweetheart!"  
Art projects are about the only thing (besides TV) that will hold her attention for long
Lily is also very into singing and dancing.  Here, she combined those loves with her love of giving directions.  Do I see a career as a fitness instructor in her future?  :)

Life in Lily-land is either very, very good, or.....This:
She keeps us on our toes, makes us laugh, and fills life with a lot of zesty joy.  Love this girl!

A Pre-New Years Resolution

I've never forgotten this talk from General Conference a few years ago.

I don't think of myself as a very creative person generally, but I recognize that when I DO create something, it fills a part of me that is often running pretty low during these long days in the motherhood trenches. 

So, as a pre-New Years resolution, I've resolved to make creating a more regular part of my life.  Specifically through photography of my kiddies.  Rob has been the photographer for most of our life together, so he knows how to use all of the fun photo toys we have.  But he is pretty durn busy these days, and I'm around some of the cutest photography subjects a girl could ask for 24/7, so it makes sense for me to step up my game while my kids are still so eager to say, "CHEESE!"

Here's some of my first efforts (commence proud-mama photo dump):



Life is flying by pretty quickly these days (although, I might tell you a different story around 5pm on any given evening....those last 3 hours are a KILLER!).  Here are a few snapshots...
Sidewalk chalk family on the driveway.  I'm becoming quite the arteest. 
This girl and her smiles.  Just catch her eye and wait. 
That is lip-liner on her face. 
Having a baby sister around does have its perks... turning her chair into a toddler lazyboy!
Again.  This smile...kills me.
Nothing like having 2 co-pianists to take the pressure off a performance...nobody can tell when you make a mistake!
Yes? Can I help you, Mother?

A Thanksgiving To Be Thankful For

This was our first year in 7+ years of marriage to actually HOST on Turkey Day.  I feel like it's almost a right of passage as an American I guess I've finally arrived!
The Table
Since we didn't have any actual family nearby this year, we invited some of our "practically-family" friends to come be Thankful, eat, and play with us. 
Jayson & Courtney (staying w us during an PA internship)
Felicia & Brandon (& Henry & Eleanor), good friends from Boston who are now local
Adrienne & Sterling (& Eleanor, Sterling, Charlotte, Juliet), bffs from down the street
 As we sat around the table talking about Thanksgiving traditions, sports, family, and everything else under the moon, my heart was full and I really FELT all of the many things I have to be thankful for. 
The Group
To allow our stomachs some time to empty before we filled them again with pie, we adjourned from the table to move around a little, play some games, and begin the annual viewing of Scrooge.  
Kids kicking it old school on the N64
The little girls doing what they do best: TV marathons
High Stakes Wits and Wagers around the kitchen table
 By the end of the long, full day we were all tired, but I couldn't shake the happy glow that had settled over me.  And as my head hit the pillow, just seconds before falling asleep, I said for the 25th time that day, "This has been such a GREAT day!" 
And this little peanut just came along for the ride!