Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frequent Feeders @ The Zoo

So it only took us 3 years to work out Rob's schedule so we could all go to the Houston Zoo together.  But on this beautiful Saturday morning, it was worth the wait! 

The Zoo here is awesome.  We almost always get to see some serious action with the big cats, the sea lions, the elephants, and the chimps.  But our favorite thing is: Feeding the Giraffes.
The giraffes' heads were as big as L & S!
I wish we could have gotten a shot of the girls' faces as they each held out a lettuce leaf, then watched a looong gray tongue come out of a big beautiful giraffe mouth and gobble it right out of their hands!  They were seriously in awe.  Next time I'm thinking about smuggling some romaine in with me b/c, at $5/3 leaves, the zoo is making a KILLING on these giraffes!

Second favorite thing at the zoo: Petting the goats.
Each kid gets a little brush and can walk around abusing brushing these saintly, patient old goats. 
Lily is really into "mothering" everyone and everything she interacts with.  And by "mothering" I mean bossing around and herding, mostly. 
It was so funny to hear her saying things like, "It's ooohhh-kay sheepy, it's oooohhh-kay." Or, "No, no!  Come over here!" Or, "Come on sheepy, let's go!" 
Wonder where she gets it from?  ;)

Even though it sometimes feels like a herculean task to get everyone out of the house to do things like this, I'm always so glad when we do!
  Seeing life through these little 2-year old eyes is just so EXCITING. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I was a little worried as Halloween approached because neither girl would even get NEAR her costume.  But on D-Day, when tantrums abounded as I struggled to stuff flailing limbs into tights and fleecy polka-dots, I had a motherhood flash of brilliance.


It's not in any of the "what-to-expect" books, and it's not on any medical website, but a great toddler milestone is when they reach the age of understanding that there are consequences to their choices.  In this instance, the choice: let Mom put us in these ridiculous outfits; the consequence: CANDY.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  Especially when she's outnumbered, 3 to 1. 
Smiles all around when our mouths are full of chocolate!
We went with a garden theme this year.  Savannah and Lily were ladybugs and a 3 week old Caroline was a sleepy flower. 
And Mom was dressed up as a girl trying not to sweat as she shepherded her little brood to various Halloween activities.  
This year our activities included a church trunk-or-treat, Rob's work had an awesome Halloween party, and then of course there was actual Halloween.  We skipped the library costume parade, and a play-group Halloween party; I just ran out of Halloween spirit after awhile...
Arm painting at Rob's work party
All in all, Halloween was pretty successful this year.  The girls learned how to say "Trick or Treat," they learned that sugar comes in a LOT of different shapes and sizes, and they learned that being cute, blond, twin ladybugs pays big dividends at each door. 
One of Rob's coworkers thought this was pretty much the cutest thing he'd ever seen :)

2 months late...

...but here are some of our favorite newborn pictures we took with Caroline. 
Pondering the meaning of life
The Thinker

Sisterly Love