Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Vacationing" Ellis-style

Every other summer the Ellis clan gets together without any of the grand-kids. That way all of the adults get to spend time with each other without having to worry about being Mom or Dad most of the time. It is a GREAT tradition. 
My only beef with it is when we mistakenly say we're going on "Vacation."  Because "vacation" implies sleeping in, lazy days, and serious R&R.  None of which are on the docket when the Ellis crew gets together.  Instead we have fun like it's our JOB....and we're working serious overtime!  :)

Quick run-down of our 5-days in SLC:
  • Monday: Arrive, go out to dinner, play games, stay up late having FHE and going over the plan for the week
Hiking Ensign Peak
  • Tuesday: Wake up for an early morning hike, breakfast on the roof, go to the temple, visit the Monte L. Bean museum in Provo, have dinner at the MTC & attend devotional where all 9 of the Ellis kids spoke, change clothes & night-hike the Y, drive back to SLC trying not to fall asleep.
The Frenchies
The Portuguese (& Conlon)
Stan & KK pointing to their new, HUGE, area
Aup & Mark modeling how we all felt on the drive home
  • Wednesday: Wake up, play games, do an Amazing Race around SLC--organized by Kit & Kevin (SO fun), end the day with dinner and more more more GAMES.  
  • Touring a chocolate factory
Massages before dinner
  • Thursday: Wake up early for a special Kevin-led workout, watch the Pioneer Day parade, grab lunch, head out to do some Olympic Curling, stop at a park to play 3+ hours of ultimate frisbee, eat dinner, go downtown to dance the night away with Conlon's band.  
We're basically professionals now...
  • Friday: Drag ourselves out of bed, do a beautiful 6 mile hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon, stop at Cafe Rio for a late lunch, have dessert at a different restaurant, get together with the extended Ellis-clan for the rest of the evening, games games games.
  • Saturday: Up at the crack of dawn to catch an early flight back to Houston.  
I'm exhausted just remembering all of this! we really have to wait 2 years to do it again???

MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR thanks to our great friend, Lori & family, for watching our 3-under-3 for most of the week!  And MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR props to my mom and dad for moving to Houston which meant they covered the last few days.  I think they were all probably as exhausted as we were when we got home!  ;)