Sunday, June 21, 2015

J^2 Came to Visit

I don't really remember why (birthday present? christmas present?), but somehow Jacqueline pulled off a week-long visit to Houston in March.  And it was SO FUN.  It felt like it was Christmas & my birthday, combined, the entire time!

At this point (June), I don't remember everything that we did.  I remember going shopping, going to the park, playing some games, and Jacqueline being wayyyyy too helpful for an 8-month pregnant lady (like doing my dishes, carrying groceries, bathing my children, etc.  Basically she was the best houseguest ever, WHILE being about to pop.)  

Luckily, I DO have some photographic evidence that she came, brought Jacob, and we had fun.  Thank goodness for cameras. 
At the Houston Rodeo--right before eating the giantest, most delicious cinnamon roll ever. 
 We spent a day in Galveston, touring some old houses, eating yummy food, and playing on the beach.  Texas in March is a wonderful thing.
Cuteness overload
Major cuteness overload.
This girl could play at the beach forever!  She must be my daughter.
Love love love. 
We were SO GLAD Jacob joined us for a few days, too!
We will never stop working on J^2, doing our best to convince them to MOVE TO TEXAS!!!!!!

Grandpa Bob turned 80

The weekend following our San Diego trip was my Grandpa Bob's 80th birthday celebration.  All of his kids and most of the grandkids met in San Leandro for a whirlwind weekend of family time.
Wuv, Twoo Wuv.
Caroline and I flew out at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.  And after a very wiggly, but not horrible flight, we made it to sunny California.  Jacqueline picked us up from the airport and drove straight home to a breakfast of waffles, bacon, berries, and whipped cream.  It made our early morning totally worth it!
The Key-Lime Pie-ers hard at work
The rest of Saturday was spent catching up, going to cousin Riley's little league baseball game, attending the ward chili cook-off (Grandpa Bob's cornbread was a big winner), making and eating key-lime pie.
Love them.  
Sunday morning at church Grandpa blessed his great grandson, baby Raiden and we took a million family pictures.  Monday morning we woke up early and flew back to Houston.  A whirlwind, but totally worth it.
Some of my favorite people in the world!
Jacqueline's surprise baby quilt
Almost everyone

All of the grandkids!

My normally teeny-tiny sisters, all pregnant!