Thursday, September 5, 2013

WE ARE TWO!! And it's Terrific!

Full disclosure: Rob worked overtime to get this video done before their birthday....and then it takes me a month to get it up on the blog! 

My girls are 2!!  Their birthday arrived at the busy end of a very busy July, but we managed to squeeze in a little party with our Ellis grandparents, Auntie Emily, and some friends who were staying with us for the weekend. 

Things I don't want to forget about life right now:
  • How Lily chases Savannah around saying, "I'm gonna tickle! I'm gonna tickle!"  Followed by hysterical laughter and screams.
  • How Savannah likes to jut her chin out for emphasis whenever she's pretending to be dramatic
  • How Lily is "Nie-Nie" and Savannah is "Sanna"
  • How they both RUN to Rob when he comes home from work...screaming and squealing.
  • How Lily is constantly singing--twinkle twinkle, happy bird-day, spider (eensie-weensie), abcd's, mountain (I love the mountains), popcorn, temple (I love to see the temple), God (I am a child of God), etc etc.  Seriously, she sings ALL OF THE TIME. 
  • How Savannah loves to pray while we pray, folding her arms, muttering under her breath and finishing with a big "AMEN!"
  • How we are loving puzzles, books, sidewalk chalk, the pool, crayons, dancing, smoothies, and apples
  • How they LOVE to help me throw things away in the garbage 
  • How "share" means "give it to me now." And how they think that saying "please" pretty much guarantees them anything they want.
  • How they are best friends and great playmates. 
Basically, I am loving this 2-year old phase!  It is so stinking cute watching them learn to express themselves and making connections about this big world around them.   And now is the time that having twins is really paying off; I don't know how people keep a single 2-year old entertained.   

Now, just when life has settled into a pretty great routine, we're going to shake things up with a new baby!  Does anyone have any good tips or strategies to help toddlers welcome new additions to the family?  Any ideas of what I can expect?