Friday, May 25, 2012

Cutest Babies Ever. 9 Months

Somehow nobody warned me about how stinking cute kids get when they're 9 months.  Pretty much every day I just think to myself, "Self, how did you get so LUCKY?"  And then I go snuggle their little cheeks. 
Yes, BYU looks good on you Savannah!
They are eating everything in site these days...they especially like anything that I am eating.  It doesn't matter if they have the same thing on own tray; it tastes better if it's mine. 

Current favorite foods:  strawberries, smoked salmon, cheerios, frozen banana chunks, green smoothies, turkey, avocado, blueberries, green peas. 
Mmm.  Blueberry smoothie and eggs.
It's especially fun right now because Lily and Savannah are realizing how fun it is to play with each other.   Lily has been crawling all over the place for a while, but Savannah's just figured it out and is much happier now that she can follow her sister around. 
Just swinging in the sunshine
And these girls LOVE each other.  My favorite part(s) of the day are when I'm getting them up from a nap and they see each other and burst out into excited squeals, start bouncing up and down, and smiling wide enough to split their faces. 
Hey sister, how's your swing over there? 
I can't find the little print out from their latest check-up with their growth stats, but they're pretty much on track to be very short (like under 10th percentile), a little chubby (Savannah's got some great thighs on her), with large noggins (like in the 95th percentile).  CUTE CUTE CUTE!  At least until they're which time we hope they are a little bit more normally proportioned. 
We are happy, loving life, and feel so, so blessed to finally have these sweet girls in our lives. 
Dad takes the best pictures!
And seriously, who gave them permission to get so big???
Almost done with the helmet!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easter in Austin

Now that Easter is safely six weeks behind us, I'd say it's time to put it on the blog!

We spent Easter in Austin this year with Darrell, Joy, Warren, Jared, Cameron, Nolan, Mauri, and Bandit.  And let me tell you, I think it was the best Easter ever.

We drove up Thursday night (babies slept the whole way), and woke up early Friday morning ready for the Easter festivities to begin.

We decorated eggs (which were later used in a serious egg tapping battle...Joy was the ultimate victor and I blew my chances when I dropped my most promising egg on the floor...brilliant).

Went to the Arboretum to feed the ducks, eat some great Austin ice cream, and take a picture on the giant bull statues (of course).

Had an epic Easter Egg hunt, complete with Easter sound track, in the Park's great back yard.

This is serious business.
Played my new favorite game: Don't Eat Pete (GREAT game) with candy that didn't get put into Easter Eggs.  
The Lovely Park Ladies
The Easter bunny found us all on Sunday morning and left baskets filled to the brim with books, toys, and delicious treats. 
They loved it all...don't let their expressions fool you. 
That's more like it. 
And after a nutritious breakfast (of chocolate, sugar, and more chocolate), we headed off to a lovely Easter service, followed by a seriously delicious Easter dinner.
Veggie Tales Easter while waiting for lunch
We Feast!
The Park Brothers

I can't believe we didn't manage to get a family picture amidst all of the festivities!!  

But, fun was had, eggs were found, chocolate was eaten, and memories were made.  All in all, the weekend was a smashing success.  Such a success, in fact, that the Parks can expect us to show up on their doorstep for many Easters to come.