Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stan the MAN

It's so fun to watch this video and see the little sparks of Stanley's personality emerge. He is a little, busy, ball of FUN in our lives.  He started crawling at around 6 or 7 months, was walking by 9 months, and hasn't stopped moving since. We've discovered that there needs to be a higher standard of baby-proofing when little boys are involved.  He loves to try to knock pictures off walls, play with the plunger, climb up on the piano, grab anything hot or sharp he can find, and RUN at full speed.  We were actually very glad for that helmet this year!

Stanley loves his Daddy, and is definitely more fond of men than women.  There's a gentleman who sits a few rows behind us in church who Stan loves to play peekaboo with.  Stan loves doggies (from a safe distance), avocado, oatmeal, swimming, tickling, and his sisters.  He goes to bed pretty easily with his pacifier and blanket, and can sleep through anything.

He has an easy smile, an infectious laugh, and is very aware of the people around him.  It's hard to remember life before he came into our family.  Even though I do sometimes wish he would just STOP MOVING FOR ONE SECOND, all Stan has to do is look at me with those baby-blue eyes and flash a toothy grin and all is (mostly) forgiven.

We love you, Stanley!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving this year was spent with our Schneiber and Huet family here in Houston.

We started it off with our annual exercise traditions--me on an early morning run, and Rob at the church Turkey Bowl & Ultimate Frisbee game.
Pre-Turkey Kubb game
Then we went up to my parents' home to have Thanksgiving.
Pre-Turkey Ping pong in the driveway
Fancy Nancy
Spectating in Style
Dad was in charge of the turkey this year and bought a fancy air-fryer just for the occasion.  It mostly went really well.  **Note for next year--judge doneness by time in the fryer, not temperature.  
The "What Should We Do About The Pink Center?" Conference
While we were waiting for everything to get finished, we switched the TV station back and forth from the traditional football games to the National Dog Show.  Everyone weighed in on their favorites, and Rob decided that somewhere in our family's future is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  

We had so much to be thankful for this year.  My mom's good health after a year of radiation and chemotherapy was on the top of everyone's list.  We have seen so many miracles and tender mercies.  
Do not forget a single blessing
It is so nice to be close to so much family.  The Huets have become like our immediate family now, and even though I always feel a little badly for bringing our chaos to interrupt their normally calm life, they are such good sports about it!
The adult table
The kid table
The babe
After dinner we all went for a walk to the park to work up an appetite for pie.  The weather was warm, the sun was setting, and we were thankful to be together.
Handsome Rob
The other little turkey of the day
She loves the camera!
Partners in crime
Cutest munchkin ever
Grandpa Dirt 
Strike a pose
As life gets busier and time starts flying by even faster, holidays are here and gone in the blink of an eye.  It's nice to be able to pause and remember this wonderful time in our life.  We are grateful.  

Savannah the Actress

Going through old pictures, I found this awesome series.

I don't remember exactly what I told Savannah in order to get these pictures, but judging by the results, it must have been something like, "Let me see your Teenager Face."

A Summer of Birthdays, 2016

Last summer I was in the throes of newborn-sleep-deprived brain fog, and totally forgot to post the girls' birthday videos!

Savannah and Lily turned 5--these girls are such a blessing in my life.  Kind-hearted, obedient, FUN, best friends, great big sisters, and a total treat to watch grow up.  I love them so much.

Caroline turned 3--Caroline lives in technicolor.  Her laugh can light up a room, and her cry (which only has one volume: LOUD) can empty a room.  She is a good girl who looks up to her sisters, loves to read, to color, and adores her little brother.  There are big things in store for this little peanut, and I'm so thankful to be her mom.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon

Last summer the Ellis adults went on a rafting trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon.  Rob's dad has always wanted to share this beautiful place with his kids, and they finally made it happen.  
They started the trip in Stanley, ID!
Our own little Stanley was just a few weeks old and we didn't think he'd do very well spending most of the day in a cold, wet raft.  Nor did we think any of the family would love sharing a campground with a newborn waking up all night long.  So, I held down the fort at home.
The things we do for these little munchkins!
Rob came home with some FABULOUS pictures.  I'm so glad he got to go and spend time with all of his siblings and parents, while working on his favorite hobby: photography! He works so hard that trips like this are a much needed boost.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous photos:

Vacation goals 
Enjoying a gourmet, camp-side meal 
Packing that tripod paid off!
Not a bad view from "The Head"

Hard at work

I can't wait for the day when we take our own family on this trip!

A Super Halloween 2016

We did a Super Family theme for Halloween this year.  When you have a dad who is already basically an undercover superhero, it just seemed like an obvious choice!

Super Sisters trick-or-treating on a warm, Halloween night
Rob's firm held another awesome Halloween party, featuring Cinderella and Prince Charming.  It will be a sad day when the girls get old enough to realize that Prince Charming looks suspiciously like Kristof, who looks suspiciously like Prince Eric.  And isn't it funny that all of those Disney princes are such good balloon artists?  And all of those princesses are so good at face painting??
Prince Charming
Caroline kept referring to herself as "Wonderful Girl."  I think Marvel should get working on that new movie!
Wonderful Girl in all of her glory
Savannah is one of the real reasons we went with the Super Hero theme this year.  She is very into ninjas, explorers, and all things action.  She was NOT, at ALL, interested in anything "girly" but could wholeheartedly get behind being Super Girl.
Super Savannah!
Lily was happy to be Batgirl and wore that mask all night.  She had the indentions in her cheeks and forehead for a few hours afterward to prove it!
The sweetest Dark Damsel ever
Somehow we don't have a picture of Daddy as Captain America (I could only convince him to wear a t-shirt--lame), or little Stan as The Flash (he slept most of the time).  It's always fun to get dressed up and have an excuse to eat candy, even if our days of pulling of the family "theme" costumes are numbered!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Christmas Card Pictures

In an effort to keep this blog alive, I present: The Ellis Family Christmas Card Pictures!
Happiest Baby Ever: Stan the Man

The Three Musketeers: Lily, Caroline, Savannah

My whole world in one picture!
10 years (and a few wrinkles and gray hairs) later, we've still got it!