Monday, July 15, 2013

April 19: The Last (probably) Manhattan Schneiber Wedding

My baby brother (now 22--when did I get so old??) married his high school sweetheart, Megan in the Manhattan temple this spring.
Waiting for Megan and Erik to come out of the temple
Quick family photo-op
Megan is seriously one of the most awesome girls ever. She began investigating the LDS church as a teenager in high school and decided to get baptized during her freshman year at college. She is one of the sweetest people I know, but she has an incredible amount of determination and drive. We are SO SO SO glad she is now officially part of our family! Erik is seriously one lucky dude.
The Huets: Awesome family!

Our new SISTER!!
The temple wedding was Friday afternoon (Rob had to come straight from the airport and BARELY made it--like with less than 5 minutes to spare!), followed by a wedding party/family luncheon. Then on Saturday night the Huets threw a beautiful reception out in CT.
Megan is her mom's mini-me. 
Passed out at lunch after a long morning
The reception was absolutely perfect. They had a lovely ring ceremony, explaining a little about what had occurred the day before at the temple, followed by a delicious dinner and tons and tons and tons of AWESOME dancing. Seriously, I've never been to such a fun wedding reception!
And watching my little brother, who has had to overcome so many challenges in the past few years, being the life of the party and dancing up a storm was one of the sweetest things to see. I'm so proud of and happy for him. He and Megan really deserve nothing but the best from life.
One of the best traditions that has sprung up around these Schneiber-Manhattan weddings has been the involvement of some of our closest family friends in CT. When Rob and I got married, his entire family was hosted by the Checketts and Quigley families. When Katie got married, my parents no longer lived there, so the entire Schneiber and Hill families were hosted by the Pratts and Quigleys and Quinns. And now, when Erik got married we all descended (again) on the Quigleys and Pratts, for (probably) the last time. At this point, these wonderful friends probably receive every Schneiber-family wedding announcement with mixed feelings, but I absolutely LOVE getting to spend time with them. It's amazing how being somewhere where people love you can still feel like home, even after all these years.
After a long, FUN night
My Mom is glad that Jacqueline will probably NOT be getting married in the Manhattan temple (b/c it's been so long since we've lived there now), so we won't have to impose on all of her friends, but I kind of hope she does so we can have one more excuse to make it back there to visit. :)

*Megan's uncle was their wedding photographer and did an awesome job.  You can see more of their pictures here*