Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mega-Post: Halloween in Minnesota

At the end of October, Rob had to go on a 3-week long business trip, and I definitely did not feel like staying home alone.  So we arranged (with the help of honorary Auntie Marianne) to get me and the girls up to Minnesota for a long visit to see my parents!
This picture was taken approximately 45 seconds after we walked into the house...
The flight up was a pretty large mini-miracle.  We were flying with 2 dogs (Marianne was adopting them from a family down here) and 2 babies and all of the associated gear.   I had been dreading and praying about this leg of the trip for weeks, but it was the smoothest airplane ride we've been on yet.  No lines, empty plane, dogs didn't make a peep, babies fell asleep (!!!), and our bags were waiting for us when we got off the plane in MN.  Seriously, I couldn't even BELIEVE how painless it was.  Just goes to show that God is in the details--He even hears the prayers of a stressed-out, "what-did-I-get-myself-into??" mother of twins.
The weather wasn't quite what we were used to...
I don't know that we'll ever need these coats again...
But Mom ended up equipping us all with the proper gear and we didn't let the "cold" (a high of 45 degrees is downright chilly to us Houstonians!) stop us from getting out and about.
But they were definitely a necessity at the time!
We had a blast spending time with my mom, dad, brother, and his girlfriend/fiancee Megan.  Erik and Megan were living in MN for the fall semester, taking online classes, working, and getting ENGAGED! 
At a corn maze, where Pig-Racing was the definite highlight
 Then, mid-trip, Rob surprised us when his business-trip ended early and flew up just in time for Halloween.
I love this picture!
At first the girls didn't quite get the concept that all of the neighbors were giving away candy, but after a few samples of what was going into her bag, Lily quickly figured out she wanted ANYTHING that was wrapped in brightly-colored plastic!
Lily-the-Zebra asking for MORE CANDY
Savannah, who had just come down with whatever bug Lily had just gotten over, wasn't interested in leaving Dad's arms--even to get candy.
Savannah the sickly (still cute) elephant
Even though I'm sure future Halloweens will be much more exciting for the kids, I'm so glad Rob got to be there for this one! 
Showing them how it's done. 
By the end of 3 weeks I'm sure my mom was ready to have her entire house not looking like a tornado had just hit, but I can't help but think she will also miss seeing this incredible cuteness every day!

Lily going through her 15-month old repertoire:

Savannah sending her Dad a little video-message (please excuse the bumpy camera and my ridiculous baby voice):

And I just have to end with one more picture, because it's so stinkin' cute...