Thursday, March 12, 2015

Absence makes me obsessed with my children

Rob and I just got home from a blissful 4.5 day trip to San Diego WITHOUT CHILDREN.

I was giddy for a week leading up to the trip; looking forward to a few days of sleeping in, eating at random times of the day or night, no schedule, no dishes, no diapers, etc, had me absolutely skipping through the days.

And we had a great trip (pictures to come).  Seriously, so fun.  But by day 3.5 I was getting a little weepy just thinking about snuggling my babies.

So, today I broke out the camera.  Because there's nothing like a few days away to help me really see what beautiful blessings these little girls are.  (Please notice, though, there are no pictures of dirty dishes or diapers....I wasn't gone long enough to miss those.)
Little sisters messing with your stuff is rough. 

Even when they're this cute. 

"Wait, Mom! Don't take my picture yet!" 
"Ok.  I'm ready now."  

Lily is growing up!  **sob** 
I really love THIS view better than any in San Diego