Saturday, August 22, 2015

The 4-year old Birthday Video!

Best dad of the year award, once again, goes to Rob for documenting their last year!

The Fabulous Fours

I've got to say that every year that goes by, this whole motherhood thing gets better and better.  Now that I have FOUR YEAR-OLDS (!!!) every day is full to the brim of questions, making connections, learning, playing, and laughing at all of the funny pseudo-adult things they say.
Fairy Princess and Rainbow Dash
Savannah, when replying in the affirmative, often says, "Yes, indeed."  Or if she has a better idea, will say, "Well, actually...."  She loves to imagine, explore, design, and make jokes; she's a ray of sunshine in our lives.  She still loves all things super-hero and can often be found karate-chopping and ninja-kicking around the house.  Savannah also has an incredibly soft, sensitive soul and if ever she is in trouble her eyes will brim with tears and she'll cry plaintively, "Please forgive me, Mommy!"  And of course I do, immediately.  
Magformer Engineer
 Lily is quite the go-getter.  If there's something she needs (like cookies off of the top shelf), she will just find a way to get them without even asking for help!  I'm often amazed at her capacity to problem-solve and the strength of her resolve. She is an embodiment of the phrase, "small but mighty."  Lily LOVES to learn; doing 'school' is her one of her favorite things right now.  She is a little Ms. Mom to her sisters and can be counted on to help anyone who is sad, needs help, or isn't doing exactly what she thinks they should be doing.  ;)  She loves to dance, to play with friends, and be right in the middle of the action.  
Dressed to the 9s
I love that these two are the best best best of friends, and now that they're getting a little older it's SO MUCH EASIER to go places, take on some 'extra' projects (like a garden!!), and do more than just survive.  But I also love that they're still little enough that I can snuggle them on my lap, kiss, and sing, and rock any problems away.  I know that soon enough they're going to learn that there is life separate from Mom.....and I'm actually going to try not to think about that because....I'm in denial and I can't handle that they'll ever actually grow up!!!!  *sniff sniff*
Birthday quesadillas on the stairs
Basically, life is really good.  And while every day isn't 100% smiles and sunshine, I feel incredibly blessed right now.  Their needs are simple, their hearts are soft, their smiles and laughs are totally infectious, and their cheeks are still so darn kissable.  I love it.
First experiment with marshmallow fondant!
I will use marshmallow fondant from now on....

This year we spread their birthday out over a few different days to accommodate traveling grandparents' schedules.  We had birthday donuts, presents (highlights: various dress-ups, My Little Ponies/Big Hero 6 action figures, magformers, and their very-own Books of Mormon!)  We had their actual birthday 'party' at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday and the whole birthday-week experience was pretty much perfect.

Except, when Savannah saw her Baymax cake (which she specifically requested and I spent hours on), she just said, "But Mom, where are all of the other guys?!?!"  I just told her my fondant skills weren't up for anything more complicated, and she just needed to deal with it.  Kids these days..... ;)