Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beef gets Mary!

At the end of March the entire Ellis clan (even Emily!!) descended upon Houston to celebrate Spencer's marriage to Mary.  

As per usual, it was a whirlwind 2.5 days; each second filled to the brim with catching up, playing games, and sneaking in a few hours of shut-eye.  

Photos from the big event:
 Time to stop and smell the flowers
Seriously. How cute. 
Hitched and Happy!
Mary has set the standard for every future bride.  Our girls were convinced she was a real, live princess. 
Every time they talk about marriage now, it's always "in the temple, with my sister."  I hope they get to do a double-wedding someday!!
Best best best friends.  
Twins with Twins
All the grandkids...Caroline was NOT excited.
Future BYU roomies
The beautiful Emily, fresh off her mission.  It's her turn next!
The Ellis women.  It makes me so happy to see KK with her beautiful girls!
Power Couple.  Powerful faith, love, work, fun!
The original 11.  What an amazing family. 
Our 'little' family
I'm thinking I may need to find some kind of work-from-home-at-night job at some airline so we can do more family trips.  Because every time we're together I wish time would just SLOW DOWN.

Or maybe we should just win the lottery so we can be at all sporting events, birthdays, baptisms, school concerts, graduations, backyard barbecues, etc etc etc.

That's a better idea.