Sunday, June 22, 2014

Erik & Megan, COME BACK!

My little brother, Erik, and his wife, Megan, came to live with us from January to April while Erik worked at an accounting internship in Houston.

We LOVED having them here.

We started off their visit with a bang by making Megan help me potty-train Lily and Savannah while simultaneously helping with 3-month old Caroline.  I don't know how I would have done it without her.  And I think Megan's going to plan on NOT being here 2 years from now when it's Caroline's turn!

Then we had a very romantic and delicious Valentines Day dinner prepared by the hard-working men.  Only glitch there was that Rob & Erik didn't even get home until about 8pm, so we were all pretty sleepy by the time our meal of roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, fettucini alfredo & cheesecake was ready.  Tiredness did not stop us from thoroughly enjoying it though.

In March, Jacqueline & Jacob decided to spend their Spring Break here in Houston.  Of course, once the rest of the family heard J&J were coming, everyone else wanted to be part of the party also!

We had a mini-family reunion (sans Katie & Russ), celebrated Grandma Emma's 85th birthday, went to the Rodeo, played some tennis, convinced Jacqueline to cut her hair, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  
Costco's Amazing Chocolate Cake for an Amazing Grandma!
Other highlights of Erik & Megan's stay with us were:

Playing tennis multiple times a week
Erik MC-ing at our ward Pinewood Derby, and Megan's award-winning Wiener-mobile car. 

Attending our friend's murder-mystery birthday party dressed to the nines.  (I ended up being the psycho-murderer, which kind of left a weird taste in my mouth...)
I obviously played my part well...
Cutest Couple
Not pictured: Many nights spent playing Mario Party or XBox Kinect, many gallons of Bluebell Ice cream consumed, using Megan as my own personal fashion consultant, reupholstering an armchair (which I will never do again...), and trips to visit Megan's parents at their awesome house on the lake.

I can't wait until they move back here in a few years to officially start work.  I don't know that I'll be able to convince them to physically LIVE with us again....but I sure as heck am going to try! 

Rodeo 2014

This year we did things a little differently with the Rodeo and split the experience in half. 

One (freezing) evening we made an adult trip with Erik & Megan and her parents to see the Rodeo and Brad Paisley in concert.  Caroline was a trooper and came along bundled up in her daisy Halloween costume.
Cutest. Daisy. Ever.
A few weeks later when our Schneiber family was in town visiting, we took my parents, Grandma Emma, Erik & Megan, Jacqueline & Jacob and Savannah & Lily down to experience the "Livestock Show" part of the Rodeo.  They loved the snapshot of real Texan life--prize bulls, huge belt buckles, big hair, high-waisted Levis, and enough Howdy Y'all-ing to last them quite awhile.  Of course, the petting zoo was the highlight of the day for the under-3 crowd (and the grandparents). 

Grandma Emma decided our two little Texans needed some real cowgirl hats and S&L have hardly taken them off since. 
One of the bonuses with going to the Rodeo twice is that you have twice as many chances to sample all of the deep-fried delicacies! 

This year's hands-down winner: Deep-fried oatmeal cream pies.  Surprising bust: deep-fried cheesecake. 

Come visit us next March and you, too, can experience all the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show has to offer!