Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing in Puddles

Yesterday, after many, many hours of rain, the sun came out. And with the sun came two little girls just discovering the wonderful world of puddles!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life in Snapshots

The UPS guy is really familiar with our house--I'm an Amazon Prime superstar.
Um....Hi, Mom. 
This time my diaper box held two grinning surprises!
We're in a BOX!
These are from early December, when the leaves were still falling in Houston.  
My Girls
I LOVE that we could be outside playing in the leaves, without coats on, in DECEMBER.  Awesome. 
Running around the driveway is super-fun.
Always ready with a smile!
Nothin' to see here...just breaking into the neighbor's back yard...
Almost every day we spend an hour or two (at least) outside the house, playing in the gravel, getting dirty, and soaking in the new sights and sounds. 
Exploring is always better with a buddy. 
This is another afternoon playing in the driveway. 
Ready for my close-up, Mom. 
Mom, don't bug us.  I'm on a very important call. 
And the mullets were finally getting out of control, so Mitzi helped with our very first haircuts! 
Haircut secret weapon: The Backyardigans playing on the iPad.